monday, 9 february 2015

the browser landscape has been somewhat active of late, with the demise of dwb (the author embarking on a new browser) and the entry of qutebrowser—a PyQt Webkit browser not using the traditional WebKitGtk+ library—and lispkit. Luakit has been my go to browser for some five years but has not seen much development the past few.

Fresh with the transition to herbstluftwm, vimb caught my eye after giving qutebrowser a good spin for a couple weeks—it’s not quite there yet and will deserve another good look down the road. vimb is not without its limitations but its vim-like pedigree made it so easy to use and configure—ridiculously simple for a vim user—I’ve found myself using it.. a lot.

It made me rethink my approach to a lot of my browser workflow—in particular, my shortcuts. My configuration of vimb feels more seamless and concise—all of which could be ported back to luakit or qutebrowser for consistency —which is a testament to the design of vimb. If you like the modal command environment of vim, then vimb may be your ticket as a complementary browser.

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