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tuesday, 28 september 2021

kustom watch face – klwp allows for endless customization of the android interface. More amazingly, once one becomes familiar with the tool, it is easy to trial changes in an iterative fashion. With the blank background of my particular wallpaper, it ... shadows and light

tuesday, 21 september 2021

monolexic – a recent thread on reddit piqued my interest and made me ponder how the Monolegible font might be improved for the ereader. The Kindle already comes bundled with the OpenDyslexlic font which, like many so-called dyslexic fonts, ... shadows and light

saturday, 11 september 2021

monolegible – i have been living with my mock up of a monospaced Atkinson Hyperlegible font now for some weeks. First, by simply substituting the Iosevka character variants that most closely matched their Hyperlegible counterparts, then a much lengthier concerted effort ... shadows and light

tuesday, 7 september 2021

quasilegible – a quasi-proportional spaced Iosevka typeface. This option has been available for the last several major versions of the font but i did not get the impression that all character variants were available—possibly due to an incomplete or incorrect ... shadows and light