the darnedest thing

saturday, 27 october 2012

version 2 of this site is almost ready for launch. What happened to version 1 and the prototype that was really ready to go in June? The whole exercise got the better of me, as I rediscovered my coding chops and moved from the proof of concept set of scripts to generate the html for this site, transcribed that to ruby, then moved all that to Sinatra.

All this might seem more than a little silly, considering the current lack of content and the fact you would be hard pressed to discern any visible differences from the original prototype—the beauty of css—though, under the hood there are several architectural changes to the site.

What can I say? I did intend to eventually migrate from the simple static site to a RESTful design. I guess the eventuality became now as I got on a roll. The next steps will likely explore the possibilities of site searching and tagging. But really, for that to be meaningful, I need to start putting up some content..

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