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tuesday, 18 december 2012

wow! this site has reached a level of completeness I was not intending. The search mechanism scope has been expanded to include every file this site is comprised of—that, combined with the ease with which content can be added will encourage its usage, if simply to self document the server side of things. You know a tool has been designed well when it makes you want to use it.

Archiving was something I was going to address down the road when enough pages were written. The imminent new year prompted some thoughts about how to roll over the various summary pages and indexes. Inertia took care of the rest. I will say this: the eloquent expressiveness of Ruby continues to make it my favourite programming language and is largely responsible for the non-ending extensions to this site—just too much fun (it’s a propellor-head thing).

Regression testing and cosmetic tweaking continue. The next revision will concern itself about this site as a photo gallery replacement for zenfolio—thumbnails, galleries and all that stuff. But that needs to gestate for awhile as I need to get down to some serious writing. It’s about time..

»»  2012-12-06

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