the darnedest thing

saturday, 23 february 2013

gah! it took long enough to kick start a return to getting some thoughts down. It was all necessary, of course. Diversions into a new programming language, Haskell, entertained the mind with its possibilities. And allowed me to reflect on the desolate winter landscape with its constant movement. In the background, peace watched.

Separated from the world of high speed internet left time to fine tune my primary writing tool, my little compact netbook (though I am musing about replacing its hard drive with an SSD). For the cause, I finally customized a distraction free editor so that it could function with my window manager and tweaked it so it would function identically with my main system at home. Save for the electronic display panel, I could be typing on my old manual Olivetti typewriter.

I have a few more weeks of house and pet sitting here in rural Quebec. I hope to finally get this site to a suitable level of content whereby it will gain a life of its own.

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