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friday, 2 january 2015

new year. New hardware. Lots of changes under the hood which only the very familiar will notice. The main change aside from presenting photo galleries on the site instead of using photo site hosting services is enabling journaling (blogging) per subject thread.

The original site design enforced a single consolidated blog on the home page. This is might be normal practice but this is not a typical site—containing a breadth of material from metaphysical to technical content. The thinking is that separating the potential blog entries to their respective subject threads (menu items at the top) might better serve the audience. Well, that’s the theory..

The main home page for the site will host summary information about the site activity and general news about it—essentially becoming simply a spring board to the remainder of the site. This is definitely not a “best practices” approach to web site design.

But there have never been any illusions about what this site is about or for. It is not about expanding reach, obtaining hits. It is simply about documenting this search for truth, and service towards that. It also just so happens to share images and thoughts, all related—and even technical notes which are so representative of the meta-content of the internet.

I am hoping it will give me a little focus too and inspire more written content that might not otherwise warrant a “topic” heading with the original web site structure.

So this is it. No more changes that I can think of for now. No more avoidance! It has been its own story several years in the making..

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