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sunday, 25 january 2015

changes continue. Lots of them, both hardware and software. New Poker 2 keyboard, stabilized overclocked motherboard.. and, not least of which, a new window manager, herbstluftwm.

The look of the colophon section, in particular, has changed significantly, for anyone perusing code. I still eschew the convention of scrolling code block windows, just because I like to see all the code at a glance (so I can catch typos)—but, hopefully, it is better formatted and highlighted now.

The result of all these changes is that corrections and amendments have been made to the site. As stated elsewhere, the nature of the site engine is that any amendments to content update the chronological order of information presented by the site. Sometimes, material will be pushed out, and amended for a time afterwards—not exactly how a publication works normally, but this whole site is probably the furthest from normal..

The many small editing changes, in particular, to the colophon section has resulted in many articles’ chronological order being altered, even for minor alterations—there is a mechanism built into the site to accommodate such actions but forgot to take a snapshot, doh! So anyone following the coding side of things, spot the changes, if you can— there were no coding corrections, though..

So, that’s it. There was a bit of push to get some technical content written up, more to test the site changes, than anything. I hope to return to the primary purpose of the site, the nature of our collective story..

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