the darnedest thing

monday, 9 february 2015

dates. Dates. DATES: the articles’. They get updated a lot on this site because I tend to go back and correct/amend material that has been written in an attempt to keep the content current and, as best as I can, accurate. In a way, it is too easy to amend the content that feeds this site, causing the chronology of the web pages to get shuffled.

This pertains to the colophon mainly but I revise the prose a lot too. A long history with words, how they sound and look on paper (screen nowadays), elicits constant revision. In the quest to be clear, to communicate and touch. Something whose roots took hold back in the days of manual typewriters, black and red ribbon and white-out.

It’s a bit of a dilemma. Retaining the original submission date guarantees chronological order. But using the last modification date tracks the currency of the content. The site favours the later.

Of course, the answer lies between: the Sinatra application could be made to track both dates across multiple servers but that would be avoidance of the need at hand.. to set out what I intended to do so many years ago: write!

I’ve done enough tweaking and upgrades to the servers the past several months..

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