the darnedest thing

thursday, 19 february 2015

funny what a toy can bring. I’ve been adapting to a 60% keyboard for a month now and the finger memory has developed to the point that a 80% tenkeyless keyboard feels foreign and awkward. An even bigger collection of keyboards will be gathering dust.

Adding the final bit of personalization to the Poker 2— a svelte milled aluminium case which lowers its height and tilt—and settling on the optimal keyswitch dampeners has made the final updates to the server side software, fun. The fingers want to dance over their new found companions—any excuse will do.

Most changes have been on the vimwiki/Sinatra management side of things—the workflow from which this site is generated. It is not apparent on the production site, but the development site from which everything is pushed now identifies drafts in progress and other file types. The system has expanded beyond the public publication. It is becoming an organic repository of personal content, ideas and lists, as well as, site content—an all encompassing workflow.

Everything, all the incarnations and prototypes, software selections and configurations, have led to here.

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