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sunday, 15 february 2015

dotfiles are the big addition to this site. They reside, of course, on github, and have been a long time coming—the recent interest and requests for the bspwm and Conky configurations was the final nudge I needed.

I have been a consumer of github content for a long time and track a lot of packages from there. This change in status to a more participatory one, undoubtedly, will lead to more use of the service—especially as a secondary repository for those important build scripts and server configurations.

One thing that is becoming apparent, is that the comment mechanism may be turning out to be an impediment rather than facilitating exchange—as people have been going out of their way to contact me directly versus using the comment link. I am not sure what to do about that or what people think about the current mechanism.

I do not intend to implement the standard practice of registration (with email address verification) or the more annoying captcha mechanisms which become a deterrent in themselves. Clarifying the security and privacy of individual’s email addresses needs to be reiterated. The original design was to faciliate ease of use, for the user and at the system end—I can vouch for the efficacy of the spam filtering mechanism, without which, has polluted a lot of other web sites.

The next short while should see a lot of activity on the github account as I fine tune what actually needs to be there versus the directory snapshots which originally included deprecated scripts and source code repositories. And this, no doubt, will lead to some rethinking about how the core configurations might be reorganized on my computers..

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