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saturday, 2 january 2021

fonts. Fonts. FONTS.

Without them, the keyboard layouts detailed here would all be rather moot. At least for me. A sort of the chicken or the egg dilemma. Keyboard keys might caress the fingers but fonts! They seduce the mind**. This site has touched lightly upon fonts and the deliciousness of fonts on ereaders.

Unlike more established sites, the darnedest thing is subject to the whimsy of its author. And so, entry into the new year, which seems to mean so much more in this year of 2021 after all that has transpired the year previous—hopefully never to be repeated (but which most assuredly will)—beckoned a wardrobe change to usher in the hopefulness a second chance brings. Nothing fancy. Font-size adjustments here and there. You will be hard pressed to notice.

The move from Advent Pro to Unica One for the subtitle headings better matches the block height of the subject title with a bit of a typeface flare to contrast the title’s geometric face. The font itself is best suited for short descriptions so found a good application with this page design—a purely subjective assessment here.

Few if any will notice.. but hopefully it continues to improve the graphic design of this site. And allows me to focus more on writing.. :-)

**Arguably content should be all that matters. Alas..

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