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friday, 19 march 2021

the last entry was about fonts. Fonts for this site’s look.

Covid continues to be a time in which reading books (when not immersed in the web) fills the day. More so i have found than media. Whereas streaming media content is largely at the mercy of social trends limiting one’s choices, the written word waits for the inquiring mind.

And as a UI obsessed nutter, i am always in the hunt for the ultimate font and settings for my Kindle that would add to my enjoyment of reading and the device. Enter the Atkinson Hyperlegible font, a grotesque sans-serif font i’ve become increasingly fond of for its readability.

To that end, it has become the body font of this site with additional CSS font adjustments to improve (hopefully) the visual readability of this site’s content. Aging eyes no doubt have played a part in my appreciation of this.

It is an elegant font. And even looks amazing (i think) in the monospaced font that it inspired which i use for all my writing, coding and desktop environment. Once the Atkinson Hyperlegible font can be licensed for Google Fonts (fingers crossed), it will surely find its way onto my Android phone.

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