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sunday, 16 november 2014

probably not a good sign! but a few words are in order to explain the purpose and organization of this site so that you can navigate it effectively.

The site’s primary purpose is to shed light on the awakening process. As such, it is organized into threads, whose links are found in the menu at the top of the page under the site name. Beyond that, the site as a whole is non-linear.

From left to right in descending relevance, so to speak, are..

  • the story, the central theme of awakening and its domain
  • truth or die, a personal exploration of the awakening process, information and tools
  • shadows and light, images and words
  • colophon, this site design, technical and historical—not really in direct alignment with the primary objectives but is included as a homage to the internet and all the meta content it contains about itself

Each thread heading is prefaced with a poem, quote, image or thought— that will change on occasion—and has its own about link similar to this start here to further explain and describe the central theme of its content. The most current articles are listed in full on the main thread pages, with a list of remaining titles in chronological order at the bottom. Amended or expanded articles may recur on a thread page on subsequent visits.

When a page is opened, the next chronological title is listed beneath the article, hence, the threading beyond which, there is no further significance. Comments, which I encourage you to submit— which are secure—are also toggled on and off from the individual pages.

Additional menu items are..

That, in short, is the lay of the land—use the various indexes for perusing subject headings or simply start somewhere and follow the links. Click on titles, and dates or use the search field. Like any journey, you are free to navigate and explore the landscape as you please.

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