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monday, 26 january 2015

2015-01-26 – lots of minor tweaks have been made to the content and presentation of the colophon. Most notably, the code snippets are now, I hope, more legible and better formatted (in particular, line wrap is no ... colophon

sunday, 25 january 2015

2015-01-25 – changes continue. Lots of them, both hardware and software. New Poker 2 keyboard, stabilized overclocked motherboard.. and, not least of which, a new window manager, herbstluftwm. The look of the colophon section, in particular, ... the darnedest thing

thursday, 15 january 2015

bspwm framed – bspwm, by definition, implementing a binary space partitioning scheme does not manage frames per se like other tiling window managers such as herbstluftwm. While there is a lot of merit in the dynamic gaps ... colophon

tuesday, 13 january 2015

bspwm gym – the messenging aspect of bspwm via shell scripts and keyboard handler allow a lot of clever desktop gymnastics. One added benefit is that it is fairly difficult to bork the actual window manager. Illegal bspc ... colophon

bspwm not bar – one of bspwm’s alluring features is the gymnastics it can perform with simple shell scripts. Status bars identifying the desktop in focus and displaying system information are common amongst tiling window managers because desktop ... colophon   [comments]

sunday, 11 january 2015

bspwm – bspwm is a tiling window manager whose messenging architecture accommodates window management gymnastics via sxhkd (or any other keyboard handler) and shell scripting versus the native language customizations which would be required with other tiling window managers, such as notion ... colophon

tuesday, 6 january 2015

urxvt – after having used gnome-terminal, terminator, xfce4-terminal, roxterm, lxterm, sakura and a host of xterm variants, I have finally settled on URxvt. I had toyed superficially with it over the years but never got it working ... colophon

monday, 5 january 2015

mpd and pulseaudio – mpd is a great music player daemon, especially when used with the ncmpcpp client. By default, mpd is installed under user mpd which prevents playing simutaneous audio streams within PulseAudio. To enable playing multiple ... colophon

haskell – there are expressive programming languages. And then there are beautiful ones. Haskell, a pure functional programming language, is such a language with its mathematical eloquence. Transitioning from imperative languages to Haskell can entail more ... colophon

btrfs – after using ZFS for some time, a recent move from Debian Sid to Arch Linux prompted a look at btrfs. While not as mature or robust as ZFS, along with a different approach to RAID ... colophon

nginx proxy – Sinatra web applications require a proxy configuration with the Nginx HTTP server. The configuration spec for this site is set up as follows.. server { server_name; proxy_set_header X_Real_IP $remote_addr; proxy_set_header X_Forwarded_For $proxy_add_x_forwarded_for; proxy_set_header ... colophon

nginx passenger – this site now uses the Nginx HTTP server with the Phusion Passenger application server. This simplifies the Nginx configuration considerably whilst adding the deployment benefits of Phusion Passenger, notably, being able to promote site wide ... colophon

virtualbox 4.2 – as of this writing, has not been merged into the official Debian repositories but is required if you want to run Windows 8, which the “guest additions” for, are still somewhat short of full OpenGL ... colophon

sunday, 4 january 2015

tt-rss and postgresql – when Google killed its Google Reader service, the hunt for an alternate aggregator service began. I and everyone else who were used to Google’s free service were now scrambling to other providers, many whose servers ... colophon

colemak – configuration settings for.. debian linux reboot after modifying.. sed -i 's/XKBVARIANT=""/XKBVARIANT="colemak"/' /etc/default/keyboard windows 8 install Colemak for Windows. Then.. open Control Panel → Clock, Language, and Region ... colophon

btrfs check – btrfs is not yet fully production ready, missing the auto repair functionality that most Linux users are familiar with other filesystems, such as, ext4. A kernel panic (not uncommon when tinkering with overclocking a system) ... colophon

friday, 2 january 2015

2015-01-02 – it has been a meandering route to this place—starting out as a proof of concept with shell scripts cobbled together to massage vimwiki text files into html, to Ruby scripts and then to a Ruby ... colophon

2015-01-02 – new year. New hardware. Lots of changes under the hood which only the very familiar will notice. The main change aside from presenting photo galleries on the site instead of using photo site hosting services ... the darnedest thing