the darnedest thing

thursday, 8 july 2021

my descent into all things fonts continues..

Unica One, a condensed unicase sans serif typeface which this site has used for awhile for subtitle headings, while adding a unique contrast to the Major Mono Display titles, lacked high legibility which had become the focus of recent musings on my use of the Iosevka font.

Enter Unica One’s natural successor with a custom variant of my monolegible font which is the perfect complement to the Atkinson Hyperlegible font upon which it is based—subtly standing out in its monospaced glory.

Other refinements under the hood also improve the legibility of the sites’ pages—notably, the spaced En dash is now replaced with an Em dash proper and title links for search and article summaries are now displayed in small caps monolegible. Little things that i hope improve readability as well as move the aesthetics bar a little further forward.

The thought had occurred to me to replace the body font with my monolegible font but that would give the site a completely different look entirely. Who knows.. :)

»»  2021-03-19

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