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monday, 20 november 2023

current configuration – production environment platform Debian Linux Alpine Linux the darnedest thing Sinatra web application DSL kramdown markdown syntax converter Slim template engine XapianFu full text ... colophon

saturday, 19 march 2016

herbstluftwm workflow – a lot of *nix users rice their desktops to personalize the look of their operating environments. A choice of wallpapers, GUI theme and careful window placements can look very artful. I am no less ... colophon

wednesday, 16 march 2016

distraction free vim – distraction free writing applications abound for Windows, Mac OSX and to a lesser extent Linux. Most, aside from a simplified interface and look, simply launch the writing application in fullscreen mode, thereby hiding any other ... colophon

tuesday, 15 march 2016

ricing – or customizing one’s computer desktop is more than just changing a desktop wallpaper or GUI theme for *nix users, though, it often begins with such. Ricing commonly includes matching the terminal colours and desktop ... colophon

sunday, 31 january 2016

rofi – refactoring the dmenu scripts afforded revisiting rofi, a dmenu substitute. It didn’t get much of a look previously as it didn’t work out of the box when simply dropped into my dmenu wrapper. Back then, ... colophon

shell dsl – inevitably, shell scripting a suite of herbstluftwm window manager functions led to considering recoding the scripts, originally written in zsh to dash. The decision to move to dash for all user shell scripts was predicated ... colophon

wednesday, 16 december 2015

path mangling – user scripts are commonly dropped into the user $HOME/bin directory. Add this directory to the PATH environment variable with export PATH=$HOME/bin:$PATH in your shell script’s initialization file and all the user scripts and ... colophon

2015-12-16 – over the months, many under the hood changes have been made to the development server. Moving from zsh to dash for all shell scripts initiated a rethink of the standard way to organize scripts—namely, ... colophon

sunday, 27 september 2015

hooked on herbstluftwm – tiling window managers are often choices for “riced” computer desktop environments—the reason being, that the more popular stacking window managers such as Windows, OSX or Gnome, merely impose a standard look or appearance to applications ... colophon

friday, 17 july 2015

herbstluftwm tasking – i’ve been living with herbstluftwm for half a year now. It’s here to stay as I continue to fashion it to my workflow idiosyncrasies, including keybinds adapted to my Colemak Shift-DH layout. hide ... colophon

wednesday, 25 february 2015

dmenu2 – stumbling upon a extensively enhanced fork of a favourite applcation always raises my curiousity. dmenu2 doesn’t disappoint, including the available patches to dmenu plus adding several important UI enhancements. Of particular interest to me ... colophon

saturday, 21 february 2015

herbstluftwm – herbstluft is German for “autumn air” and a unique moniker for a tiling window manager. It differs from bspwm which I have been using extensively for quite awhile now, in that, it is a manual ... colophon

herbstluftwm hiding – i find myself using the hide/restore window function outlined here often enough that it merited updating the Conky desktop in some fashion to reflect the presence of hidden windows associated with the desktop in focus. ... colophon

herbstluftwm juggling – the messenging aspect of herbstluftwm via shell scripts and herbstclient allow extending the window manager behaviour. One added benefit is that it is fairly difficult to bork the actual window manager—at least, I haven’t been ... colophon

monday, 9 february 2015

2015-02-09 – the browser landscape has been somewhat active of late, with the demise of dwb (the author embarking on a new browser) and the entry of qutebrowser—a PyQt Webkit browser not using the traditional WebKitGtk+ library—and ... colophon

monday, 26 january 2015

2015-01-26 – lots of minor tweaks have been made to the content and presentation of the colophon. Most notably, the code snippets are now, I hope, more legible and better formatted (in particular, line wrap is no ... colophon

sunday, 25 january 2015

2015-01-25 – changes continue. Lots of them, both hardware and software. New Poker 2 keyboard, stabilized overclocked motherboard.. and, not least of which, a new window manager, herbstluftwm. The look of the colophon section, in particular, ... the darnedest thing

thursday, 15 january 2015

bspwm framed – bspwm, by definition, implementing a binary space partitioning scheme does not manage frames per se like other tiling window managers such as herbstluftwm. While there is a lot of merit in the dynamic gaps ... colophon