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thursday, 26 february 2015

2015-02-26 – a flock of cedar waxwings. Hundreds of them. I estimate 300 plus. All perched on the leafless branches of a neighour’s tree. Soaking in the western rays of the sun. Then all taking ... shadows and light

wednesday, 25 february 2015

dmenu2 – stumbling upon a extensively enhanced fork of a favourite applcation always raises my curiousity. dmenu2 doesn’t disappoint, including the available patches to dmenu plus adding several important UI enhancements. Of particular interest to me ... colophon

tuesday, 24 february 2015

dmenu – while tiling window managers are my preferred desktop environment to work in, it is dmenu that is the glue and allows my workflow to be completely keyboard driven. With simple keybindings defined in the sxhkdrc ... colophon

saturday, 21 february 2015

herbstluftwm – herbstluft is German for “autumn air” and a unique moniker for a tiling window manager. It differs from bspwm which I have been using extensively for quite awhile now, in that, it is a manual ... colophon

herbstluftwm juggling – the messenging aspect of herbstluftwm via shell scripts and herbstclient allow extending the window manager behaviour. One added benefit is that it is fairly difficult to bork the actual window manager—at least, I haven’t been ... colophon

herbstluftwm hiding – i find myself using the hide/restore window function outlined here often enough that it merited updating the Conky desktop in some fashion to reflect the presence of hidden windows associated with the desktop in focus. ... colophon

friday, 20 february 2015

higher light integration – ... healing

unified chakra invocation – I breathe in Light through the center of my heart, Opening the heart chakra into a beautiful ball of Light, Allowing myself to expand. I breathe in Light through ... healing

thursday, 19 february 2015

contact – you are encouraged to send your comments regarding the darnedest thing. Every effort has been made to make the commenting system as effortless and secure as possible should you have anything to add or ask ... the darnedest thing

now – everything you have done, every choice, every turn, has led you to this now point. Nothing holds you back, holds you to the story you believe you are, except the refusal to let go ... the story

this story – is about the ending of it. The ending of all stories and the freedom that comes from it. How do you know you are in the story? When there is resistance; when there is ... truth or die

2015-02-19 – funny what a toy can bring. I’ve been adapting to a 60% keyboard for a month now and the finger memory has developed to the point that a 80% tenkeyless keyboard feels foreign and awkward. ... the darnedest thing

tuesday, 17 february 2015

about – each thread – the submenu titles below the the darnedest thing— has an about link which describes the thread, its purpose and intent. It is the starting point. And, by design, easily overlooked so as not ... the darnedest thing

suzanne, -2015 – i remember your footsteps       in front behind always beside me your appreciative             heart lighting upon         everywhere It was a great honour knowing you, my Raven sister. To witness your courage and ... shadows and light

dotfiles – finally! The configuration files for the applications discussed on this site are now available at github. Like much of the colophon material, expect frequent updates as configurations and scripts are fine tuned.. and I ... colophon

sunday, 15 february 2015

2015-02-15 – dotfiles are the big addition to this site. They reside, of course, on github, and have been a long time coming—the recent interest and requests for the bspwm and Conky configurations was the final nudge ... the darnedest thing

tuesday, 10 february 2015

readability – was originally released by arc90 as a Java bookmarklet which reformatted web pages for reading, devoid of the increasingly distracting artefacts adorning web pages. Coined Readability, it spawned similar content applications, such as Readable. ... shadows and light

monday, 9 february 2015

vimb – minimalist browsers seem to go hand-in-hand with tiling window managers. They are typically lightweight (memory wise), allow keyboard control, maximize viewing real estate by hiding the ubiquitous URL bar and other menu/bookmark bars, and are ... colophon

2015-02-09 – dates. Dates. DATES: the articles’. They get updated a lot on this site because I tend to go back and correct/amend material that has been written in an attempt to keep the content current and, ... the darnedest thing

2015-02-09 – the browser landscape has been somewhat active of late, with the demise of dwb (the author embarking on a new browser) and the entry of qutebrowser—a PyQt Webkit browser not using the traditional WebKitGtk+ library—and ... colophon