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saturday, 25 march 2023

font trio revisited – Iota rapidly established itself as the default font on my e-reader. It is a very unique yet highly readable font and sported the single-storey lower case a which i am drawn to for the added openness it renders ... shadows and light

thursday, 12 january 2023

iota – typograffic has been my favourite font of late.. the culmination of two years of font experimentation—beginning innocently with a monospaced facsimile of the Atkinson Hyperlegible Font (for coding) and expanding into (too) numerous variants as an ereader font ... shadows and light

saturday, 12 november 2022

quasimono – the Iosevka font is the source from which all monospaced fonts on this site have been created from. It is one of the most actively maintained fonts available today, whose source code origins have been further expanded ... shadows and light

tuesday, 6 september 2022

monolexic timeline – for anyone who has stumbled upon this site’s discourse on fonts and readability, this page attempts to graphically summarize the evolution of these monolexic fonts. See also quasimono for the quasi-proportional variants. monospaced atkinson hyperlegible this ... shadows and light

saturday, 13 august 2022

dyslexic variations – among other things, this is an attempt to normalize the various MonoLexic fonts created on this site, removing redundant alias font naming and, instead, assigning custom Space cell widths to those font names—i still harbour a fondness for ... shadows and light

tuesday, 5 july 2022

grotesk – completes the evolution of the monospaced dyslexic fonts and their unique set of asymmetric glyphs and double cell width characters—adding a tweaked cap height to the Unolexic font. By increasing the cap (capital) height—a very small ... shadows and light

tuesday, 12 april 2022

typo' asymmetry – for the interested, this entry encapsulates the machinations and rationalizations that accompanied the development of the dyslexic fonts for e-readers (and my reading enjoyment in particular) as described on this site. design Typefaces such as OpenDyslexic address ... shadows and light

saturday, 9 april 2022

unolexic – is an homage to the Universal Grotesk font—possibly the first geometric sans font. With Uno constucted from its name to echo its firm relationship to Monolexic. :) Monolexic, having long morphed from its original Atkinson Hyperlegible ... shadows and light

thursday, 24 march 2022

monolexic type – along the way, the consolidated write-up on the Monolexic font accumulated more revisions than i had anticipated as the original Hyperlegible Font was iteratively tweaked to address dyslexia. Having “arrived” at this final release of Monolexic (famous ... shadows and light

tuesday, 22 february 2022

2022-02-22 – it was inevitable.. from the development of.. my original monospaced coding font based on the Atkinson Hyperlegible Font for the visually impaired to the e-reader variant of that font further enhanced for dyslexia ... the darnedest thing

thursday, 11 november 2021

hyperlegible dyslexic – this page consolidates the various font customizations applied to the Iosevka font used on this site, my Kindle and computers. Essentially, the configuration customizations elucidated in the various articles are relisted here in this single source for ease of reference ... shadows and light

tuesday, 21 september 2021

monolexic – a recent thread on reddit piqued my interest and made me ponder how the Monolegible font might be improved for the e-reader. The Kindle already comes bundled with the OpenDyslexlic font which, like many so-called dyslexic fonts, ... shadows and light

saturday, 11 september 2021

monolegible – i have been living with my mock up of a monospaced Atkinson Hyperlegible font now for some weeks. First, by simply substituting the Iosevka character variants that most closely matched their Hyperlegible counterparts, then a much lengthier concerted effort ... shadows and light

tuesday, 7 september 2021

quasilegible – a quasi-proportional spaced Iosevka typeface. This option has been available for the last several major versions of the font but i did not get the impression that all character variants were available—possibly due to an incomplete or incorrect ... shadows and light

tuesday, 10 august 2021

the look – for this site was originally inspired by a wiki based web app called Nanoki written in Lua, a scripting language I had been investigating at the time. The clean monochromatic layout of its original example ... colophon

sunday, 25 july 2021

2021-07-25 – with the focus on font type legibility satisfied (on my desktops, e-readers and web site), it was time to address the resultant aesthetic of this site. So, with some further CSS tweaking and server side magic.. ... the darnedest thing

thursday, 8 july 2021

2021-07-08 – my descent into all things fonts continues.. Unica One, a condensed unicase sans serif typeface which this site has used for awhile for subtitle headings, while adding a unique contrast to the Major Mono Display titles, lacked high ... the darnedest thing

saturday, 3 april 2021

iosevka hyperlegible – iosevka is hands down my favourite monospaced font for programming, writing, desktop.. everything in my day to day computer workflow. It can be installed in many pre-built typeface flavours. But what i love most about Iosevka is ... shadows and light

friday, 19 march 2021

2021-03-19 – the last entry was about fonts. Fonts for this site’s look. Covid continues to be a time in which reading books (when not immersed in the web) fills the day. More so i have found ... the darnedest thing

tuesday, 16 march 2021

an oasis – in the time of Covid-19, there has been a lot of time for contemplation and reading. Towards that, e-readers have been indispensable with the closure of public libraries, allowing access to a wealth of digital material from the ... shadows and light